5 things not to talk about with ladyboy in bed

Sex doesn't include only the main intercourse. It also implies the preceding flirt and foreplay making the most sensitive and vulnerable connection between partners. And exactly this vulnerability sometimes makes us to start a frank conversation after sex. Have you ever had a need to talk with a ladyboy after sex? Perhaps you have. Well,

Do ladyboys date versatile men?

And now let's talk about pretty intimate but still significant topic in ladyboy dating. Considering that sex life plays a key role in most of relationships many ladyboy dating sites even have a special option to indicate a sex role (top, bottom or versatile). Aimed at reducing an amount of questions and clarifying things from

Are ladyboys better than girls?

In truth, ladyboy bars bring more fun and enjoyment than girly bars even if such comparison would give rise for a dispute. Well, guys whose foot never stepped in a ladyboy bar before most likely wouldn't agree with this point of view. But believe that or not, trying it once they would change their minds

Scammers among ladyboy datingsites

If you decided to try out dating with a ladyboy then you would definitely hear about numerous successful love stories between them and men from the Western world. However online search for a date as any kind of dating has its own benefits and drawbacks. That's why along with the guys who were lucky enough

Razzle-dazzle nights with Thai ladyboy cabaret in Australia

Thanyakarn “Micky” Rattanarak, one of the 24 Thai ladyboy performers, recalling her childhood, tells that she always asked parents why she was different. Being 7 years old she wanted to wear skirts to school and to have long hair as other girls. [gallery size="large" ids="2282,2283,2284,2285"] Today she is a part of big sparkling extravaganza known as Thailand

How to spot a ladyboy in Subic Bay

Before to start this guide it's should be noted that Subic Bay in the Philippines is not the greatest place to find ladyboys. The reason is not because of the lack of ladyboys in this location, but since the most tourist activity is concentrated in other places, trans girls prefer to work in Angeles City

Hari Nef: “In an ideal world I wouldn’t have to change my body”

Just a couple weeks ago model, actress and trans activist, Hari Nef appeared on the cover of ELLE's September 2016 issue where she gave the most honest interview. This time she talked about childhood, dating experience with men and why she wants to be interesting for people besides her gender. This year has become particularly

Transgender woman found her soulmate in man who used to be a girl

It took several years for one transgender woman to find love and when finally she found it turned out to be a man who was born a girl. Jamie O'Herlihy, 23-years-old dancer and bartender from Dublin knew she was a girl trapped in the male body since the early childhood. She identified herself as gay from

Any questions about Pre-op Post-op or Non-op?

Meeting a new person, when a relationship is just at the initial stage of development usually to know each other better we ask questions sort of “What's your favorite movie?” or “Do you have any hobby?” Any intimate questions when two persons just start dating may entail some kind of embarrassment and misunderstood or, in

Transgender dating: everything happens for the first time

Let's talk about one of the most delicate and perhaps even embarrassing topics – it's a first experience of meeting a transgender woman. As any kind of trying something at first time it can bring a feeling of fear and awkwardness, but at the same time it's a part of adventure or making dreams come