In one of the latest interviews to Advocate the RuPaul’s Drag Race former contestant discussed marriage, love and her dating story. Carmen Carrera sees some changes for the better in the transgender conception and in the attitude to those who love and attracted by trans women. Model and actress, whose marriage with Adrian Torres was featured in season finale of Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn on VH1, talked about how the influence of Candis Cayne’s (I Am Cait) and Laverne Cox’s (Orange Is the New Black) activity has done a significant difference in the attitude to trans-amorous men and to the women they’re attracted with.

Carmen Carrera was the First Openly Transgender Person to Wed on Reality TV

For whatever reason it’s happening: whether a new generation is more ready for bigger acceptance or transgender discussion has already reached so much people – Carmen says that “it’s not surprising anymore.” She also added that in her experience she met a lot of guys curious about trans women and probably those changes are happening thankfully to Laverne Cox’s and Candis’ influence. Carrera admits that it’s absolutely “helped her generation.”

Transgender women’s dating experience

Not long ago, Cayne spoke out about the obstacles that transgender women can face during a courtship, especially in case other partner is cisgender (nontrans) man. In her recent blog post on E! Cayne stated that she has experienced meeting a lot of men who were afraid to be labeled of something that goes beyond of straight and no matter how they are attracted they won’t go there. She says, it must be a very strong man to be able to hold up pressures of society and, unfortunately, the number of such men is quite small. Cayne means that a lot of men are ready to date transgender women, but just a few of them are ready to do that openly and even less to tell their dating story on camera.

In a 2015 interview with SiriusXM Laverne Cox said that gender is policed in such way that it affects all people no matter if they’re transgender, gay-identified or straight-identified. And according to her experience, Cox noticed how straight-identified men deeply and strictly internalize the idea of “what it means to be a man – to be a straight man.”

When Carrera was asked about a possibility of being a model for transgender women, she said that definitely she would like to represent trans women and, moreover, “just women that find themselves in a situation where they are”, dating a nontraditional man.

Carrera also hopes that her marriage Torres who identifies himself as pansexual can make it more normal and to bring more acceptance from the society that may consider such guys like him “confused or bisexual or just gay or whatever.” Talking about her relationship she says that she with her partner just love each and like all people trying to figure out how to make it work.
Being an outspoken supporter of trans rights, Carmen Carrera previously has launched a campaign to become a first transgender model of Victoria’s Secret. She also made headlines by schooling Katie Couric for her attacking interview questions and saying out against transphobic expressions and slurs.