If you were planning to visit Thailand for its beautiful nature and gorgeous ladyboys perhaps you were wondering how can you talk to them? So this article contains following advice’s that might help you in communication with these girls. The ladyboys which you can meet in the bars, at disco or even online mostly speak basic English. Probably they will not discuss the political or economical situation in the world with you, but their knowledge’s are enough to talk to you. Maybe the new ones from the countryside will not understand you at all, however the majority of ladyboys speak basic English similar to a child’s vocabulary.

So talking to them you have to remember that. To avoid misunderstood better to speak slowly and to use basic words. Instead of saying “Are you willing to accompany me tonight for fun?”, better to ask: “You want go hotel with me?” – this is much easier for them to understand. After a short chat with them you will realize if she is just a beginner or advanced in English so able to keep up the conversation with you on the same level.

If you want to improve your communication with ladyboys you could do online Skype lessons with Thai teachers, try an online Thai study program or attend lessons at school if you are going to stay in Thailand for a long time. It’s worth noting that Thai language includes five tones and that’s why one word can mean 5 different things according to the tone you speak. So learning Thai better to use program where you can hear the language.

Some things you should never do talking to a Ladyboy:

  1. Royal Family – be careful talking about the Royal family with Thai people, better to avoid this topic at all. Even if you say something with good intentions very likely a Thai person will not understand you correctly and you might get in trouble. Jokes or insults about their beloved King or Royal Family could bring you to a jail or a good beat down.
  2. Thai Swear Words – the Thai language has a bunch of swear words and some of them might be very offensive. Probably you find it funny to learn some of them and to use while speaking to Thai people, but again better to skip such idea. Do not trust too much to translation from book or online program, in real life some swear words might have different meaning and this could get you in trouble.
  3. Be Polite to Them – usually at the bar the ladyboys will approach you and in case you’re interested in other girl or have different plans tonight just let her know about that. A simple answer “No thank you I’m not interested” would be enough. Keep in mind that it’s her job to look for customers who would buy her a drink or take outside the bar for some fun.

This article was written for guys who knows English, but the most part of ladyboys know other languages. A lot of men from Japan, India, Russia, Korea and China visit Thailand every year so the ladyboys learnt many languages, however English and Thai will be mostly spoken languages in general.