If you ever dreamed about Thai Ladyboy girlfriend (or Katoey girlfriend) then this information is for you. Most of the men have a lot questions in such case, kind of: where to find a Ladyboy girlfriend? Is she able to come to live with me or do I have to move to her country? Is that difficult to have long distance relationship with her? All these actual questions will be answered further in this article.

Basically Asian Ladyboys are well-known to us from adult porn sites. Looking attractive and very sexy they make most of us drool in front of the computer screen. Many people believe that these girls make good money in porn business and live their fancy life being an object of the most tempting men’s fantasies. In fact that’s far away from to be true. Not 3rd world status anymore, Thailand is still quite poor country. And even though Ladyboys are more accepted in Asia than in Western countries, anyway they can barely get a job on receptions, stores and other blue collar work not mentioning about prestigious high paying jobs.

They usually earn about 200-300 Baht ($6-10 American dollars) for 12-hours working day and the most part of Asian Ladyboys accept such job conditions. Talking about ladyboys from adult sites that would be completely different story. Most of them are involved in sex industry so popular among foreigners coming to Thailand for bringing to life their cherished naughty desires with ladyboys, girls or guys depending on their sexual preference.

Mainly ladyboys in sex industry work in Go-Go bars, normal beer bars, freelance or combination any of mentioned above and most of the time they are having fun, dancing, drinking cocktails with foreigners and certainly sleep with them for money. You ask, why do they do it? Well, because of the lack of money and good education they don’t mind to keep such way of life, especially considering that a very popular ladyboy can earn about 100.000 Bath per month.

Anyway you still can find a girlfriend among ladyboys. Most of them dream about a foreigner that would take care of them and provide enough support to leave their job in bar. They usually don’t care about your appearance whether fat, old, ugly or any other negative quality. For them it’s something like to get special status so most of them are trying to catch a foreign man as a boyfriend.

So now it’s time to list next sticking points with which you can deal having relationship with a ladyboy.

1. Money – leaving her place of employment a ladyboy will expect from you some financial support – a certain amount of money every month so she can live her life and also send some money to her parents which is a common practice in Thailand. That is quite complicated to say how much money to give them – it depends on a ladyboy and relationship. Some of them are happy to get just a little money and a place to leave near you, some will try to take as much money as she can from you.

2. Culture differences – in relationship with a ladyboy you will discover that Thai people have different culture and believe in totally different things about religion, sex, family and life style. So forcing your girlfriend to keep Western values will bring to your relationship much more arguments and misunderstanding.

3. Language barriers – meeting foreigners in sex industry Ladyboys usually learn a lot of languages, but their knowledge’s are not deep enough and talking to them you will notice that the most part of them speak broken English, for example. On the one hand it might be good because you can easily understand them, but on the another – they probably are not able to understand all what you say and that can be a reason of numerous misunderstandings between you and a ladyboy. Quite often they take as an insult some things they didn’t understand and arguments can arise.

4. Jealousy – it’s quite common on the both sides of relationship especially with a bar ladyboy. The guy can be jealous to the previous foreign men that a ladyboy met in the past. He might be worrying that the ladyboy is looking for an another man more nice and rich that pay her for some naughty fun when she spends some time out without boyfriend. Again the ladyboy knows well about a big number of other ladyboys that would gladly sleep with her man to take her place. Thailand is full of temptations for both partners which might be stressful for many ladyboy relationships.

5. Loss of Independence – deciding to take a ladyboy out of the bar and support her be ready to spend 100% of time during a day. Such situation might be terrible for some guys. In Western cultures women are quite independent, they usually have job, friends and her own life besides relationship. When you start living with a ladyboy apparently she will get jealous if you want to spend a time away from her. In such case she wonders why do you want to go out without her, probably you are looking for a new girlfriend.

Well, these are few things probably you will face if you decide to date or have relationship with a ladyboy working in the sex industry. Nothing to scary you but to open your eyes on some actual facts. This is not about all relationships, there are many successful stories between foreign guys and ladyboys from the industry.

The best thing that you can do is to be honest with them. If you are interested in a ladyboy just to have fun with then tell them and stick to this line. Since you give them an idea that you want something more serious with them, well, then the relations are moving to a new stage.