Visiting a ladyboy dating site we all pursue different goals. Somebody looks for a lifetime partner, another one is there purely out of curiosity or seeking for some new fresh feelings, sometimes it even seems that a person just needs to talk or amuse their self-esteem. However, when you meet someone that makes you imagine a future together with, so naturally you start guessing if their intentions are the same serious and going far.

Ladyboy Dating tips
Ladyboy Dating tips

This article is mostly devoted to ladyboys or transsexual women, but some following examples could be interesting and helpful also to men. Sometimes online communication can be tough especially when we have no clear idea about a person which is on the other side of the planet. Even when they say they’re in love and you’re a woman/man of their dreams, anyway we can feel somehow insecure about their intentions.

So how to know that you talk with a right person? Definitely we are all different and have our individual characters and behaviors. Nevertheless there are some signs which could be applied to all and might help you determine if a person is worth your time.

1. He doesn’t disappear suddenly
In online dating world there is such type of guys that tend to be unpredictable and elusive. You just start talking with a nice man and he seems interesting, positive, with a good sense of humor etc. and then.. he suddenly disappears! Sometimes for a couple of days, another time for a couple of weeks.. But every time he is again available online he pretends that nothing happened and doesn’t find any explanation of his absence. That means he doesn’t care if you ever think of him.

2. He is interested in you
During conversation he shows a genuine interest about you, your life, personality and respects you as a Ladyboy. That’s a good sign if a man doesn’t concentrate only around himself, but he also wants to know about your family, hobbies or your point of view about some particular topic.

3. He tells about his past
Not necessarily about his previous relationships, but about his life as it is. Normally a person shares the details of their past life – accidents, tragic and sad times, funny and embarrassing moments. If a man is telling you about what’s happening to him on the daily basis or what he’s doing that means he feels you as a part of himself. One of the indicators of a healthy relationship is an ease of communication when you both don’t notice hours spent talking to each other.

4. He imagines you as a part of his future
After a while normally it comes a time to discuss some dreams and ambitious plans. Thinking about future he might mention something like “we will go the world trip together” or “we will live in a big house with a lovely garden”. It can also happen when guys trying to impress a girl, they begin to build castles in the air immediately after meeting her. That’s why they should imagine it as a possible prospect of your relationship saying, for example, “if it works or if our story will go further”. Then it can be considered as a good sign about him.

And second part of this ladyboy dating tips guide is waiting for you in the next article. The most interesting is ahead!

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