A popular holiday destination – Bangkok in Thailand, is also well known as a place inhabited with the most beautiful asian ladyboys, but since the transsexual boom revolution they have spread throughout all neighboring countries in Asia. Basically Thailand’s ladyboys firmly hold the number one place especially if to count the fact that they use Instagram much more than transsexuals in any other country.

So here are the TOP 10 most beautiful asian ladyboys:

10. Nuntita “Belle” Khampiranon

Nuntita “Belle” KhampiranonThai transgender actress, pop singer, entertainer and radio DJ Nuntita “Belle” Khampiranon became a sensation on Thailand’s Got Talent in 2011. Her idea to sing in a middleweight contralto voice and then switching to a masculine baritone just made a splash on TV show. She signed a contract with Sony BMG and released her first single “Siang Tee Bplian”.

9. Beautiful Ladyboy from China – Liu Shihan

Beautiful Ladyboy from China –Liu, a 26 years old beauty was born in the province of Hunan in Changsha, China. Graduating from Hunan Mass Media Vocational Technical College she had performed as a professional pole dancer during 3 years about. She got famous posing for numerous local magazines, websites and being a model for Cosplay online games. Liu’s transsexual surgery on December 29, 2010 was condemned in her native country, nevertheless now she is the Number 1 transsexual in China.

8. Panvilas “Jele” Mongkol

Panvilas "Jele" MongkolKnown on Instagram as “jele_panvilas”, she is Miss Tiffany’s Universe second runner-up in 2012. Now she works as a model and attends frequently many TV shows. She also was invited to the preliminary rounds for the 2013 Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant in Pattaya as one of the most gracious and attractive guests.

7. Kayo Satoh

Ladyboy Kayo SatohJapanese model and television personality was born on December 26, 1988 in Aichi Prefecture. In 2008 she started her work as model in Nagoya, and after a short time she became one of the exclusive model for Japanese fashion magazine “Spy Girl”. She was suffering gender identity disorder since her childhood and became the most famed and renowed model in Japan after announcing on popular Japanese TV program that she was born as a male.

6. Tanyarat “Film” Jirapatpakon

Thai Ladyboy Tanyarat “Film” JirapatpakonBeautiful Ladyboy from Thailand can be found on Instagram as “nongfilmtiffany”. A former business student she worked as an air hostess at PC Air, which became the first Thai airline company to only hire transgender flight attendants. She got fame and the desired first place in the Miss International Queen in 2007. Since the airline was close down, she switched to entertainment and became a model, host and the face of various beauty brands.

5. Alicia Liu

Alicia LiuTaiwanese model and TV personality, also known as Xiao Ai, was born in Taoyuan County (now Taoyuan City), Taiwan on 12 June 1986. At the age 18 she decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Her entertainment career started by taking part in a fashion contest in Taiwan TVBS. In September 2008 she signed a contract with Taiwan EeLin Modeling Agency Ltd., and became a professional model. Mainly she became popular by attending a parody TV program, which from she was expelled in January 2010 after her former schoolmate posted her graduation photo on Internet. Afterward on the press conference Liu told that she was happy to be a woman and that her past isn’t important, but only a week later she confirmed that was a transsexual in interview for the China Times. She also appeared in various Taiwanese TV programs such as Guess Guess Guess, 100% Entertainment and KangXi Lai Le, all primetime shows.

4. Harisu

HarisuSouth Korean pop singer, model and actress was born on February 17, 1975 in Seongnam. Harisu began to identify herself as female from early childhood. That’s why she underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1990’s and became only the second person in Korea legally changed a gender. In adaptation to English Harisu means “hot issue”. She lived in Japan during few years, where she studied for hair stylist. Then Harisu went back to Korea where she started her career with management company TTM Entertainment. She got fame quite early and fast: in 2001 she became the face of the South Korean cosmetic brand DoDo, worked as model, singer and actress. Finally in 2007 she married her boyfriend Micky Jung, a rapper whom she met online.

3. Piyada Inthavong

Piyada InthavongLao transgender model, also known as Lingling or Nong, was born on November 13, 1992 to an upper-middle-class family in Champasak Province, Laos. From childhood she felt “embarrassed to dress as a man” and at the age of 19 she decided to undergo a full sex change after she got blessings of her conservative father. After transition Piyada moved to Thailand where she started her modeling career. She became famous posting a photo of herself with a popular Thai trans actress and model Poyd Treechada on her Instagram account. Her beauty and stunning complexion attracted an attention of public and as a representative of Laos she won the second runner-up award at the Miss International Queen pageant 2014.

2. Legendary Ladyboy from China – Regine Wu.

Ladyboy - Regine WuKnown as the “Legend”of Eastern Media Group for bringing it to fame and success, Regine Wu was born as a boy named Wu Zhongming on October 25, 1962 in Taiwan. At the age of 22 she underwent a sex change surgery. She had a different point of view about transgender industry and always claimed that she was born as a hermaphrodite having both male and female organs and being able to give a birth. She became famous due to her sales talent during work at the Shopping Channel (part of Eastern Media Group). As example of her sales records was selling more than 700 laptops in 85 minutes, 250 motor homes in 60 minutes, and 380 one-carat diamonds in 80 minutes. Since 2004 she appeared as host of various TV programs such as the Diamond Club, Super Idol and Gossip Queen.

1. Treechada “Poyd” Petcharat

top beautiful Ladyboys29 years old Thai actress and model, also known as “Nong Poy”, is famous throughout all Southeast Asia. Born as a boy she underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was 17 and afterward she told that transition made her feel as if she has been reborn. Treechada mostly is known for her winning the prestigious Miss Tiffany’s Universe and Miss International Queenin the year 2004. Since then, she launched a career as actress and appeared in various well-known movies, such as The White Storm in 2013, Muay Inter in 2008, Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok 2 in 2012, With Love in 2010 and Ja Ae Koy Leaw Ja.


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