There are different ways to meet a Thai ladyboy with its benefits and downsides. At first you can arrange your date on the online Ladyboy dating site such as MyLadyboyCupid. Otherwise you can go directly to Bangkok to find some fun in the Ladyboy bars at one of three red light districts: Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza. There are also online escort services at your disposal or you could meet a girl randomly on the street, but now let’s review what Ladyboy go-go bars Bangkok offers us to visit.


Ladyboy bar ObsessionThis Ladyboy bar is considered to be probably the best in Thailand for its extremely fiminine and pretty girls. The room is quite spacious, decorated in a classic style, a large stage in the center with poles for dancing girls and floor space for solo dancers. Ladys have fairly good English, some of them speak a little Japanese. Prices for drinks are a little bit higher than usual, around 150 baht (for beer vs. other liquor).

King’s Castle III

King-Castle-IIIDefinitely one of the best Ladyboy bars is located in Patpong, known also by the Hangover Part 2 movie. If you are not aware of its nature, entering this bar you would never know it’s a Ladyboy bar. Around 12-15 girls on the stage doing great job to entertain visitors, many of them look gorgeus having a slim body, tall height and a very feminine appearance. It should be also noted their minimal dressing and flawless make-up. Speaking quite good English they can easily keep a casual conversation with customers, instead of usual questions “What’s your name?” and “Where are you from?”.

This bar is slightly less spacious than other average bars in Patpong, but its ‘L’ shaped stage accommodates well the 10 girls dancing, whose dancing is much better than most gogo girls. Beers will cost you 120 baht and drinks for the ladies strting at 100 baht.


Cockatoo BankokLocated in Soi Cowboy this bar is reccomended to visit for those just venturing into the Ladyboy world. Commonly local go-go bars use large neon signs to attract visitors, which is not about Soi Cowboy. Due to the lack of a big neon signboard it remains quite inconspicuous for the passersby. However, its bright and friendly atmosphere will make you step inside with no hesitation. The prices are fixed in menu so you won’t need worry about of being ripped off when it comes time to pay a bill. The stage in the middle of not very big room of Cockatoo bar has inviting sofas on both sides. At least 10 ladyboys entertain customers and speak English pretty well. So if you’re in Bangkok at first time and without any idea which one to choose for the beginning we recommend you exactly this bar.

Cascade Ladyboy bar

Cascade-Ladyboy-BarThis Ladyboy bar will surely impress you by its special design and large scale. A very big room designed in ‘Flinstone’s Cave’ style does have a huge multilevel stage which can hold plenty of dancers. Perhaps the girls don’t appear slim and flawless as others, but if you are seeking for any kind of pleasure, here you will definitely find it. A beer in Cascade will cost you 150 baht, all other pricing is quite acceptable as well.

King’s Corner

This special Ladyboy bar located in Patpong definitely is worth a visit and standing out among other go-go bars. One of the most interesting ideas of King’s Corner bar is how the dancers are devided into two groups swaping each other on the stage. However, there is a notable difference between these groups: one appears more attractive with beautiful, slim and feminine figures, the other group consists of ‘average’ girls with common qualities. Perhaps you would be surprised, but one group are actual girls and the other one with more attractive dancers are the ladyboys! Drinks are around 150 baht and the ladydrink starting from 200 baht. King’s Corner is one of the oldest bars and it’s recommended for those who want to visit an old traditional Ladyboy bar of Bangkok.

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