It took several years for one transgender woman to find love and when finally she found it turned out to be a man who was born a girl.

Jamie O’Herlihy, 23-years-old dancer and bartender from Dublin knew she was a girl trapped in the male body since the early childhood. She identified herself as gay from the age of 14 and only last year she dared to come out. However, O’Herlihy discovered that it’s not easy to build romantic relationship that’s why she decided to stay some time single at least until she would feel confident as a woman.

Thus after three years of the solitude, the fate brought her to Harry Matthews, 24, at a trans training programme that they both almost refused to attend and changed their mind at the last moment. This meeting they call as ‘a love at first sight.’

Recalling that time Jamie tells that they booked to do several workshops and activities to be included in transgender life but eventually they both almost lost a courage to attend the event. Finally they found themselves at the right time and in the right place. As it turned out later, the guys noticed each other on the Facebook page before going to the event, but the meeting in real life has exceeded all expectations and the feelings erupted instantly. Afterwards the couple spent the whole week together being inseparable right away, that’s why, as O’Herlihy says, they have bonded really quickly.

“We have such a special connection”

The girl also believes that such a strong emotional connection between them has formed so quickly because they’re going through the same emotional experience: “He’s already seen my ugly crying face and he thinks I’m beautiful anyway.”

O’Herlihy admits that their relationship might seem developing pretty quickly because the couple is together just few months but “it feels so right.”

Matthews, who has also spent two years in search for his soulmate, came out as transgender when he was 19 and now he almost came to the finish line of his full transition, having undergone most of the gender reassignment surgeries and completed hormone therapy.

Meanwhile, O’Herlihy is only going to start her transitioning journey to become fully a woman, her boyfriend is ready to share his experience supporting her on this not easy and emotional way.

For that reason, Matthews even moved from Belfast in Northern Ireland and found new job in Dublin to be closer to O’Herlihy. Matthews says that they have a special connection because they “completely understand what the other is going through.” Matthews also appreciates the fact that he is further along his transition that’s why he can reassure his girlfriend about some things she is worrying about. For example, at the moment when O’Herlihy was terrified of undergoing surgery he was able to calm her fears tellings that it’s not that scary because the final results should make her happier that she has ever been before.

Now the guys have a YouTube channel called ThatTransCouple where they share their own experience to help and encourage other trans people going through the same challenge.